Common Questions and Helpful Tips

      • Caution! Remember cannons are not toys! Please make sure you read the instructions thoroughly! When used correctly they are safe. Make sure not to aim the cannon at a target that can ricochet back at you or another person. The cannons are loud, proper hearing protection is suggested.   

  • My cannon fired a couple times just fine but now it won't fire?
    • Regular maintenance is essential. Cleaning your cannon barrel regularly will ensure your mini cannon continues to be usable. We recommend using a cotton swab and alcohol or acetone to cleanse the barrel. If you use a powder substitute (pyrodex or and equivalent) cleaning between every 2-3 firings will be sufficient. If you use real black powder, be sure to clean after each firing.
  • The Projectile is jammed inside the cannon.
    • The inner bore of the cannon is 1/4 inch or 0.25inch. The balls provided are 1/4inch or 0.25inch in diameter. Using a larger size will jam the cannon. ALSO, refer to the above answer regarding maintenance. 
  • My cannon fired, but the cannon ball didn't go very far.
    • The correct order for loading the cannon is:
      • Place fuse in fuse hole. 
      • Load powder. 
      • Dampen and roll a small ball of wadding (the size of the ball). Insert into cannon. 
      • Insert ram rod, and apply pressure.
      • Now place the projectile into cannon barrel.
      • Insert Ramrod again and apply pressure.
      • Aim your mini cannon at a safe target, make sure the area is safe and secure, light the fuse and move away. Remember the more powder you use the louder and more powerful the cannon becomes. 
  • The Fuse will not go all the way through the fuse hole
    • Sometimes in the machining process, there is a small piece of debris blocking the fuse hole. The drill bit size to drill the cannon fuse hole is 1/8th inch. Simply drill the cannon fuse hole with said drill bit to remedy this issue. 

       • If you have any additional questions please feel                 Free to email your questions to Sam.teamplague@gmail.com and we will respond as soon as possible! Be safe and have fun!