Instructions for Use

Thank you for purchasing our product! 

*Reminder that this item is not a toy. All users must be 18 years or older.*

*PlagueWorksInc is in no way responsible for user error or damages incurred while using the products. Read instructions carefully.*

Materials Needed:

  • Safety glasses
  • black powder (3F) or black powder substitute (We suggest NOT using smokeless powders)
  • ram rod, included
  • cotton swabs for cleaning
  • Paper towel
  • cannon fuse, included (3mm or less)
  • .25 caliber steel balls, included
  • a lighter or matches

Step 1

Put on your safety glasses! Check that the bore of cannon and fuse hole are clean and free from debris with cotton swab. 

Step 2

Insert at least an inch long fuse into fuse hole. Ensure the fuse is inserted fully into the cannon bore. Insert the ram rod and tap the fuse to make sure it is inserted properly; if the fuse wiggles, its in the right spot. *Important! fuse must be inserted before the black powder! This prevents misfires.*

Step 3

Measure out approximately 10 grains (about twice the size of a pea or 1/8 teaspoon) of black powder or black powder substitute and pour into muzzle of cannon with a funnel. You can use a folded piece of paper as a full. Tilt the cannon upright and use the ram rod to check that the level of powder is between the trunnions (the supports on which the barrel pivots) and the vent to verify that the cannon is no more than half full. IMMEDIATELY CLOSE YOUR BLACK POWDER CONTAINER NOW.

Step 4

Tear off a piece of tissue about the size of a quarter, moisten slightly and roll into a tightly compressed ball with your fingers. Insert into muzzle. use your ram rod to push the wadding down the bore. Your goal is to eliminate air pockets between the powder and the wadding. DO NOT POUND THE WADDING. *Tip: the tighter the wadding fits into the barrel, the more pressure will be built up when the cannon fires, making the cannon louder and increasing muzzle velocity. Pounding the wadding with the ram rod DOES NOT make the wadding fit tighter. The size of the wadding you tear off will determine how high it fits into the bore.*

Step 5 (This step is optional, if you would like to fire a blank shot, skip to step 7)

Insert one cannonball and make sure it can freely roll down to the wadding, using only the force of gravity. if this is not possible, the bore may be dirty and need to be cleaned or you may need a smaller projectile. Tear a dime sized piece of paper towel and insert it with your ram rob after the ball to prevent it from becoming displaced. This is its only purpose, it does not need to be highly inserted.

Step 6

Find a suitable target with a backdrop to prevent your projectile from escaping your controlled area. 

Step 7

If you haven't done so already PUT ON YOUR SAFETY GOGGLES. Make sure everyone is standing behind the cannon and also wearing safety goggles. No one should be able to see the opening of the cannon. Keep in mind that these mini cannons are powerful enough to pierce skin and/or clothing. DOUBLE CHECK THAT YOUR CONTAINER OF BLACK POWDER IS CLOSED and placed far away from the cannon. Note: Wadding can catch on fire and remain smoldering for some time. Ensure that surrounding area is clear of flammable debris. Account for wind as well. 

Step 8 

Aim you cannon at the target. The cannon will recoil so make sure the cannon is away from a table edge. 

Step 9

Make sure your face and parts of your body are NOT above the fuse hole. Light the fuse to fire the cannon. Stand back! To fire cannon again, repeat from Step 1!