About Us

We are a small California based manufacturing company specializing in metal machining. Currently we are producing desktop/office items such as miniature cannons (that can actually function!) and pen holders (shaped like the chamber of a gun revolver). We also utilize 3D printing. Our inventory is always changing according to the needs and desires of our customers.

Customer service is very important to us because before we opened this shop, we were (and still are) customers of the online shopping community. We are growing our company with the customer in mind. Investments are being made to upgrade packaging and step up our marketing efforts to improve the shopping experience of our customer. Making the customer feel valued and appreciated is our mindset with each item that ships out. 

We know similar products can be purchased elsewhere and for less money. However, what sets us apart and makes us special is that our products (including our packaging and consumables) are USA made. Our products are made from start to finish in house; beginning as raw material, machining, finishing, packaging and shipping. We are very proud of our "Hands of Plague Works" process. It will always going to be our hands on your purchase. 

Plague Works Inc is a small family run business that was born soon after the Pandemic began. The name, while being tongue and cheek, really explains how our family shifted gears in 2020. 

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