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 All of our products are made in the US, and ship from our warehouse in California. Everything you see on this site is made from products that are also made in the US. This includes our Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Nylon, and our prices reflect the cost of US purchased materials and includes the cost of what it takes to run and operate in California. Please help support US Manufacturing! 

Please NOTE: We do not ship powder with our cannons. We recommend searching for Pyrodex RS or something comprable.

Please follow us on Instagram to see the process behind the scenes action. If you have any questions or concerns please email us at AskTeamPlague@gmail or

Limited time
2021 New years special!
Get a Raw mini cannon, 10 fuses, 20 balls, a billet aluminum cannonball holder and 30 balls, a cleaning cloth and a Plague Puller (while supplies last)
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Goodbye 2020!
Flash Sale!
Laser Engraved-Come and take it - Dont tread on me
1 Mini Cannon, Cannon Ball Holder, Blitz firearm grade cleaning rag, and Plague Puller! This weekend sale!
New Product as of 1/1/2021
Black Firearm grade Cerakote Treated Cannon and base
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Limited time
Satin 6 CHambered Pen Holder
A new finish in our Pen Holder. Made from nearly one pound of 6061 Billet aluminum.
Comes with three 3d Printed Bullets!
Back in stock!
Black Anodized Pen Holder
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Laser Engraved
Billet Pen Holder
"El Jefe" Aka The Boss
New Product!
Cerakote Cannon and Base
Midnight Magnum
Gun grade Cerakote treated cannon.
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Additional goods
Davey Crockett Re- Supply
20 additional Stainless Steel balls and 10 additional fuses
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For additional fun!
Little Explorer Kit
12 additional tiny mini cannon balls and 6 fuses.
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New Product
"Midnight Magnum" Polished
Twice as long, twice as powerful! Measures 3.2 inches long, Cerakote coated Cannon and polished aluminum base.
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Laser Engraved Cannon
July 4, 1776
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Back in stock
Mini Stainless steel Cannon and Black Anodized Aluminum Base
Perfect gift, or to wow your friends.
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Finishing touch
Billet Cannon Ball Holder
Cannon ball holder holds 30 tiny cannons. The perfect addition to your tiny cannon!
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