Mini Cannons & Novelty Gifts

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Plague Works Inc

 All of our cannons are made in the US, and ship from our warehouse in California. This includes our Aluminum bases for the cannons, Copper, Brass, Nylon, vinyl and paper products, and our prices reflect the cost of US purchased materials and includes the cost of what it takes to run and operate in California. We have also collected many hard to find products and ship to you normally within only a few days! Please help support US Manufacturing and our husband and wife small business!

Please NOTE: We do not ship powder with our cannons. We recommend searching for Pyrodex RS or something comprable.

Please follow us on Instagram to see the process behind the scenes action. If you have any questions or concerns please email us at AskTeamPlague@gmail or

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Polymer 1911 Handgun &
Belt Clip Holster
Looks like the real thing only way smaller...
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Polymer Key Chain
Pretty in Pink
Fully rackable, removable magazine!
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New Product!
6061 Aluminum Key Chain
Perfect for EDC.
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Mini Bow!
Shoots Skewers
Comes with ammo!
Shoots Far!
Mini Crossbow
Shoots Toothpicks
Comes with ammo!
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Fires Ball Bearings!
Magnum Mini Cannons
Bigger! Louder! Farther! Comes with everything you need, as always.
Great gift idea for yourself
Double Barrel ToothPick Gun
Dirty Harry
Comes with Ammo!
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Cobra Kai!
Perfect to put anywhere!
Set of 5 stickers be the first to represent!
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Made from Copper Billet
Magnum Cannon
From our Designer Series
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Additional goods
Davey Crockett Re- Supply
20 additional Stainless Steel balls and 10 additional fuses
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Shoots q tips
Mini Metal Bow
Comes with ammo!
Super Mini
Die Cast 1911
Comes completely apart!
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1: 3 size Glock
Fully Rackable
Miniature Glock 17
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