Furnace Hardened Stainless Steel Mini Cannon raw base

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Big badaboom! Get your very own miniature functioning replica cannon!

These unique cannons are hardened at 1100 degrees fahrenheit for an hour and a half. The hardening process is similar to what we use for our high end tooling used to make our gun parts. It gives the stainless steel a goldish brown patina. It is darker then our brass cannons and looks authentic to the pirate ship cannons that would look worn after battling the elements and the salt water. A truly custom piece, each furnace hardened steel cannon is unique from its brother with a different distinct patina. 

All parts are  made in Southern California, USA! #supportsmallbusiness

Includes: stainless steel cannon with aluminum base, mini .25mm cannon balls, ramrod and 10 Safety fuses included for a slow burn. (Uses 3mm fuse or 2mm. Re-supply fuses and balls are also available for purchase.)

firing and maintenance instructions here

Our handmade cannons are Made in the USA and are made from 304 stainless steel with a 6061 Aluminum based Anodized Black with Type III Hardening. Each one is a true custom piece that will last your lifetime. Adorn this cannon on your mantle or desk, or take it out and actually use it. Our company also partners with a gunsmith who makes hand gun and AR parts. The same design and care is engineered in our mini cannons. Each cannon comes individually packaged in a clamshell package with our inserts

**Miniature cannons are NOT firearms under federal law (in USA). Our products are NOT weapons and are not sold as such! The products we sell are meant for novelty use only. 18 or older**

No international sales.

In the picture below you can see the color difference: furnace hardened stainless steel, brass, and stainless steel.